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you can call me C, Chloe, or Charlie. I don't prefer any of them over another so call me whichever. or Crow if you want, that's ok too. about pronouns.

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March 13th
8:14 AM

it’s upsetting me to imagine telling my typography professor that i prioritized my mental health over her classwork and have nothing to show her today. i made myself physically ill, put myself in danger, fucked up my body for days??? trying to do this last project, and

i refuse, that’s it, let’s just move on. i don’t want to go to class because i dont want to tell her this but i am going to go and just. not say anything unless asked and

try not to feel too terrible if she does ask

god if i cry again

  1. feastevil said: good luck with everything dude!! I hope things work out and stuff /: just remember school does not define you!! I don’t even know if that makes sense but <333
  2. fuckingwrecker said: Good luck with class. You did what you could, hopefully you get through the rest of this with minimal damage.
  3. eyecandybutts said: ): oh man…. /hugs/
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